Why only Facebook login?
Glynk is a social discovery and networking platform. It is important for us to ensure that people use their real identities to interact with each other. Facebook login, with the mandatory requirement that there should be at least 50 friends in the network, allows us to keep the spoilers away. Go ahead, sign up. It is as safe as it can get.
We do not ask for any information that would not enhance your experience on Glynk. And, we do not post anything to your wall unless it’s you who is posting it.
And NO, we do not share your data with anyone – after all, it is YOU and your experience that makes us, not your data.
Quick overview of how we use your information
Friends list(optional): We get your network size. Without this information, there is no way for us to ensure users are using their real accounts and not test accounts. Facebook only shares Facebook IDs (17 digit numerical) of your friends who are already on Glynk. So we can connect you with your friends already on Glynk. NOTHING ELSE. NO EMAILS. No SPAM.
Profile picture and name: This is publicly available information. This helps us create your profile quickly and also ensures everyone uses authentic profile information to sign up and interact with others. We do not show your last name anywhere on the app and hence users cannot trace you back to your Facebook accounts.
Birthday (optional): To connect you with people of your age group. We DO NOT reveal your actual birthday.
Email address (optional): So that we can notify you when users who think like you are trying to reach you.
Work and Education history (optional): This information is used to establish credibility of your Glynk profile and also to connect you with others from your college or work place.
Interests (optional): Glynk uses this information to compute similarity between you and any other user on Glynk. This is one among many other parameters used to compute similarity.
Still have questions? Write to us at: ping@glynk.com